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Pre-configured virtual servers on a reliable infrastructure with limitless traffic and upgradeability.

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NVMe Storage

NVMe Storage

Nonvolatile memory express storage with lightning-fast response even under huge corporate workloads.

VMWare Images

VMWare Images

Ability to deploy VMWare Images.

Hybrid network

Hybrid network

A private connection could be built between clients' equipment and cloud servers in Neterra.Cloud platform.



A cloud platform that allows you to upload open-source containers.

Intel Platinum

Intel Platinum

Latest generation Intel Platinum processors for the highest performance.

Security Guaranteed

Security Guaranteed

The content and configuration of the primary server are replicated in real-time to at least one other server, which can automatically replace the first if needed.

Operating systems


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What is a Cloud Server?

Cloud servers are flexible and extremely reliable virtual servers with Linux, Windows or FreeBSD operating systems. Servers are available and manageable over the Internet. KVM virtualization technology is used and allows resources of one powerful physical server to be divided into a few virtual servers running independently. 

The data is stored on redundant SAN storage devices that ensure their high protection and enable Cloud servers migration in real-time with no interruptions. 

Physical servers are monitored constantly and in case of a problem with one of them, Cloud servers running on it are migrated automatically to another one. Cloud server resources could be dynamically changed at any time. 

How Cloud is different from Virtual private servers (VPS)?

Very often virtualization is mistaken for cloud computing. Unfortunately, there are companies that offer and promote their services on the market as cloud and mislead the clients because they only provide virtualization with software management tools. 

Virtualization or dividing a physical server into multiple logical servers is just a single technology and a small part of building a real cloud environment. Dozens of technologies are used to provide the performance of the entire system as a living organism in which different components interact. The whole system in the cloud is managed and monitored by control servers that take automated actions when certain events occur. 

Secure and extremely reliable cloud servers have a high level of performance. No SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) exists in the cloud environment because all components, devices and network routes are duplicated and redundant. 

What is the difference between Cloud servers and dedicated servers?

From a consumer point of view, both cloud and physical servers enable you to install and configure all kinds of software with no restrictions. Dedicated servers sometimes need a couple of days to be set up while cloud servers are available in minutes and you can configure them yourself on the web. 

Main actions are automated and require just a few mouse clicks in a web-based control panel to be completed. The great benefit is that you can change cloud server parameters, so you could add or drop resources instantly and anytime depending on your current needs. 

In terms of reliability, SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) exists in dedicated servers and if a component fails, the server will stop running until the component is replaced. In Neterra.Cloud all server components, devices, and network routes are duplicated and redundant, so in case of a problem, your servers and all the services running on them will continue processing with no interruptions. 

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