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Powerful dedicated servers. Rent affordably and securely.

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DDoS protection

DDoS protection

By choosing Neterra.Cloud you can count on reliable protection against DDoS attacks, confirmed by our customers.

IPMI access

IPMI access

Fully platform management control via IPMI

RAID controller

RAID controller

Мanage disk configuration to gain more space or speed.



Improved data reliability.

Fast, scalable, and secure dedicated servers. High-speed connectivity.

Operating systems


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What is the difference between Cloud servers and dedicated servers?

From a consumer point of view, both cloud and physical servers enable you to install and configure all kinds of software with no restrictions. Dedicated servers sometimes need a couple of days to be set up while cloud servers are available in minutes and you can configure them yourself on the web. 

Main actions are automated and require just a few mouse clicks in a web-based control panel to be completed. The great benefit is that you can change cloud server parameters, so you could add or drop resources instantly and anytime depending on your current needs. 

In terms of reliability, SPOF (Single Point Of Failure) exists in dedicated servers and if a component fails, the server will stop running until the component is replaced. In Neterra.Cloud all server components, devices, and network routes are duplicated and redundant, so in case of a problem, your servers and all the services running on them will continue processing with no interruptions. 

What are the payment methods supported on Neterra.Cloud?

We support the following payment methods: Bank transfer, ePay.bg, PayPal, BitPay and credit or debit cards - VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro 

You can pay for your services either in BGN, EUR or virtual currency Bitcoin (BTC). 

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